Technology to end megafires

High severity wildfires are growing in North America.

Fuel treatment can help.

We build technology to accelerate fuel treatment.

State & Federal Agencies

Digital superpowers for state & federal agencies

We build digital tools to accelerate state & federal agencies in planning & implementing fuel treatment across their land.

Implementation analytics for the Wildfire Crisis Strategy

Track implementation analytics across the entire nation, with the ability to drill down into regions and specific forests.

Management tools for U.S. National Forests

View what’s happening across the forest in one glance, including project status, staffing, and implementation status.

Project record keeping

Track fuel treatment projects from creation, thru planning, all the way to their final implementation. Automatically report progress to the team.

Environmental planning

Turbo-charged environmental planning

Standardize best in class templates and save months of time and resources by generating CEs, EAs, and EIS using specialized software.


Measuring the progress for fuel treatment

Automating measurement empowers landowners to scale their fuel treatments year by year.

Measuring implementation inventory

Our automated satellite analytics algorithm detects fuel treatment progress from above.

Measuring planning inventory

We measure fuel treatment projects across federal lands to provide planning inventory by year.


Accelerating fuel treatment with software is an R&D team working to measure & scale fuel treatments in the Western U.S.

Our goal

Assist federal and state agencies in treating 1M acres/yr in CA and 5M acres/yr in the Western US by 2025

Our mission

Accelerate fuel treatments in the Western U.S.

Interested in accelerating fuel treatment?